The Dreamer

July 31, 2018

I’d like to be an actor
in a crime reenactment
as the criminal

Or a job in a video store,
because in 2018
it’d be nice and quiet

Or maybe, just maybe I could host karaoke
where I sing all the songs
and people like it.

Dare to dream.


Les Deux Magots

June 25, 2018

Here I sit where thinkers thought
having coffee and thinking thoughts,
about the thoughts they thunk
Then thinking,
just how did philosophers afford to drink here anyway?

The Clink

May 27, 2018

Our hostel,
has prison cells
and I’m even drunk in its courtroom.

Judge Sims-Jenkins presides:
“To the arsehole taking forever to take his clothing out of the dryer, how do you plead? Guilty right, because what the fuck is wrong with you?”

First and only witness is my wife:
“What the fuck is wrong with you?! Take your clothing out of the dryer, then fold them”

The jury is smart, fictional and fast, but mostly fictional and take three days to reach a decision
“Not sure”

Judge Sims-Jenkins replies:
“Overruled, you’re all guilty. This sentence is over”


April 23, 2018

This time I’m going to amaze ya
Close your eyes, see the beach
What’s there?
I know there’s water and sand
not bikini clad women or the men with the washboard abs
I can’t see shit. Poor me.

Hey I’m going to amaze ya
Close your eyes, count the sheep
How many?
One, two, three, four, five
Those sheep can fly
White and fluffy as they move through the sky.
I musta missed it. Why?
I can’t sleep or see shit.

One last time I’m going to amaze ya
Picture this sick shit
There is your mum and your dad
laying in the sand
No, they’re not counting sheep
Hear the waves as they bump and they grind
their bodies tangled up as they writhe
And as you vomit think of me
I can’t see shit.

High Beams

March 31, 2018

High beams and trees
Moon safaris
a favourite drive
with your hand in mine.


February 27, 2018

The old man
had beer in hand
a silver buzzcut
and nose gout
I wondered,
as he gave a drunken lecture about the history of the bar we were in,
how many nose puns he’d heard
Probably all of them
who ….

Market Stage

January 31, 2018

A mountain burned before a storm
Thunder, then lightning
Smoke and fire
As we danced
rain fell
A Teardrop to start us off
Three days in one
three to go
Happy Rainbow