Mild and Wild

May 24, 2017

What would’ve happened if this was caught before?
Because my mild is wild
and it won’t stop buzzing
round and round it just keeps on running away.

Where is my fucking keys and my wallet?
My mild is wild
and yes I’m still coming,
oh no I’m not I’ve got something else going that day.

I heard you, can you say it again?
My mild is wild
and I’m easily distracted,
you see that cat, that car? Oh fuck I love this song!

I’ll do it till I feel I’ve done it!
My mild is wild
and now that’s boring
a new course, a job, a book, an idea new to me.

Don’t ask me where I’ll be in five years.
My mild is wilder
and you’ve got it all figured,
I don’t, I can’t, I just don’t fucking know.

Who knows the path if this was caught sooner?
You know my mild is wild
and it can’t stop buzzing,
round and round it just won’t stop running away

Stretched Thin

May 16, 2017

A man with many interests, expert in none
Drag him to a trivia night and,
Hope he isn’t too loud or bored
Drinks will flow upon victory.

Not Quite 1000 Words

April 26, 2017

A glance at my phone
and there you are
My screen-saviour.

A shot from our forest walk
we cut short.
Screw nature
let’s go to the brewery
and try one of everything.

My screen-saviour
reminds me how good I have it.

Horses Ran By

March 31, 2017

I’d forgotten my hat
and the outside shade was shady at best.
The sun was burning where I once had hair,
and the bar counter was hot.
Egg boilingly hot.
I learned not to lean on it
after eight or nine times.

There wasn’t much to see,
but there was a lot to be seen.

Too much alcohol
some of it I’d sold, but not much.
People walked past,
then rushed to the fence.
I think some horses ran by.
The mountains looked so far away
and close at the same time.

Some winners bought drinks,
from other bars.
Losers bought drinks too,
from other bars.
I’d run out of small talk in minutes.
Someone liked putting boring people,
in front of the easily bored.

There wasn’t much to see,
after you’d seen it.
But out there was my smiling wife.
I knew she’d be smiling,
she usually does
and thoughts of it filled the noisy silence
around me.

A Luke Problem

February 27, 2017

Thanks to Star Wars,
I have more fathers than I can count.

Old At Heart

January 14, 2017

A curmudgeon at thirty four
or was it twenty eight?
Get off my lawn,
eating dinner at four
and why the fuck is everything so expensive?

More Small Print

December 8, 2016

Now there’s writing on the sides
still indecipherable
When on the left, turn right
vice versa
They have no idea where they’re going